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Monolithic, as ever.

Jenny was working late hours on Monday, & I told her that I didn't have any plans-- that I was going to probably go to the gym unless something happened like people from work inviting me out somewhere too convenient to turn down. Which of course is exactly what happened, within about five minutes of getting to work. Okay, it was a little bit longer than that; I've been getting in to work earlier since the summer hours have started. Still-- after the grindstone salt mines, Adam & I left work. We didn't meet up with any of the usual suspects-- all too scattered. So down we went, looking at maps of hiking trails for his camping trip. Bought some wine, some meats. Ah yes! Bar-b-que is the plan, the agenda. Hooked up with Tania at the cottage, played some video games. Back out for ingredients-- an old woman yells at me not to throw ice. Ice? Whatever, lady. Folks start rolling in-- nobody I know, all New Orleans folks. Kat & Kendry, first. We look through a galley of Wood Nymph Seeks Centaur & pick out our dating archetype (I'm, no surprise, a vampire). Then Sarah shows up, & wouldn't you know it, 2001: A Space Odyssey, which gosh, I haven't seen since Saturday. Adam was out grilling when Sarah put it on (at the Overture; that is how early in we found it) & when he came in there was an entertaining "Dammit Mordicai!" moment. So we all ate grilled foods, wine, beer, &c; had a merry old time, as you can imagine. I walked home at a little after ten. Not too bad a Monday, & it wasn't as cold as I expected, either.

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