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Showdown at the Coral Corral.

(Joceyln took this picture of me at Meatfeast Spring 2009)

(Joceyln took this picture of me, Kat-- an editor-- & Matt-- my boss-- at lunch in the park)

Not to shabby of a weekend if I do say so myself. Actually managed to strike a balance between seeing people, going to the gym, spending time with Jenny, having social engagements other than "hanging out" & spending some time by myself. So, if you take work out of the equation, it seems I can swing a reasonable lifestyle, Socrates-style (so-krates). & now that is it summer hours, aka half-day Fridays, maybe it will be a sustainable weekend situation? We will see. Alright, lets do the rundown before the waves erase my footprints in the sand. Insert obligatory joke about that sentimental plaque about footprints.

Friday I didn't go see the new Star Trek with the gang. I want to see it; maybe I should see it tonight? Anyhow, I called off since I'd slacked off all week on working out. My plans to go to the gym came to naught though-- Jenny called me when she got off the train, as I was dressed in my workout clothes, & wanted to meet me for a drink. So we ended up having a little impromptu date. I talked to the bartender at Bar Reis about martinis-- maybe I'll get into those? Anyhow, take note of the bartender; I run into her again on Sunday. We had a few drinks (Jenny insists I was "sloshed") & then went home, made out, & watched some television together-- Angel, where now Drusilla has re-turned Darla, & Angel is getting all "dark."

I had plans first thing Saturday morning with Lilly, & they more-or-less happened. Well, they definitely happened, but since I woke up at like, six o' clock, they weren't first thing at all. I played some MarioKart & watched some Fullmetal Alchemist & darted around Jenny when she woke up. She had to go to work, but I wanted her to play, instead! Didn't happen. Then about noon I went over to Lilly's & we started watching 2001: A Space Odyssey, which is pretty much the greatest movie ever. We stopped a few times to talk about relativity & how big space is, stuff like that. In between the second & third acts we snuck out for pizza, & ran into Caroline, who is now AllButDissertation, & was very happy to repeat that to us over & over. Then back for the end of the film, & some discussion. Then I left, since her dude was going to come home from a business trip, & went home, where Jenny had already gotten back to. Watched the end of Fullmetal Alchemist & went to the gym-- I had a pretty good workout. An hour & a half, & I took my own advice to aquestrian & upped my weights.

Sunday started out with a little terse bickering-- my fault. I think I was just hungry! Went out to the grocery store & bought breakfast supplies & ingredients for Jenny to make some ginger snaps. That fixed things up for me; Jenny cooked me some eggs, sausage, & spinach on english muffins. Much better to have something inside of my stomach. That went into a second gym trip; I'm trying to be better at that! An hour fifteen, plenty of cardiovascular work, & filled in on the stuff I didn't do Saturday. After that met up with Lilly, her dude James, & Maggie at the 5th Avenue street fair. I was taking the pinstripe suit coat I wore to Senior Prom (Pam would be quick to point out that we went "as friends") since I was going to see if it would be a good costume piece for Cocktails at the Center of the Earth. The weather was much chillier than I guessed & I ended up wearing it as a jacket, with Lilly & James saying I looked like a magician. Well I am, but not the kind you mean! They chowed on some corn, I ran into the bartender from Bar Reis & then Maggie & I parted ways. & I discovered a true story-- all the times I thought I was lost in Red Hook, back when Jenny & I would get lost in Red Hook? Was actually us being lost in Gowanus, which makes sense-- the canal kept us penned in a drunken nightmare world. Maggie & I negotiated it without any trouble, though. Got some cashback, some more pizza (I was starving) & then to play rehearsal! Where we met a bunch of people we'd never met before. The play is shaping up! Then we stayed after for a few more drinks, eventually winnowing down the survivors to just me, Maggie, toughlad, & Bijoux & her boyfriend. Bijoux telling Maggie to fuck off was priceless-hilarious. Then home!

(A waiter took this of us; Brian, goblinshark Mordicai, Jenny, Jocelyn)

(Joceyln took this of us drunkenly trying to do a Whedon/Tarantino style walking sequence)

(Jocelyn also took this one; me & Kat at D.B.A with the super weird Kelso Brett)
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