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Silence in the signal.

Alright, now I'm finally starting to get excited about Homestuck, the new MS Paint Adventure. I planned on sticking with it-- Problem Sleuth needed time to get up to its crazy insane speed-- but now with stuff like like the totem lathe getting deployed, I'm seeing some potential. On the other hand, there are a few issues bugging me. Not with MSPA! Just in life. Like, I've developed a terrible habit of hitting ctrl-s when I mean to hit ctrl-z. Dang it. & The Canal Street stop on the R? Has a design pattern on the walls in the shape of an "8". It is really just a coupe of zig-zags overlapping, but considering that two stations down is the ACTUAL 8th St stop, & the pattern is equidistant between the "Cs" on the is confusing. Oh well-- anyhow, last night Jenny & I laid on the couch, ate some mofoungo & fried yucca from El Viejo Yayo, & watched a few episodes of Angel while drinking wine. Nothing much doing, but nice. I need to get my act together & hit the gym tonight, note to self.

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