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Doctor Light is tough.

Rehearsals! I'm off book for Act I (because I'm not in it), Act II (because I know my lines, & Act III (because I only have four lines) of Cocktails at the Center of the Earth. Some people I like have had to drop out, & the new comers seem pretty darn okay. Translation for pretty darn okay-- we can argue about DnD & Comic books without anyone sounding stupid. Oh, also, they can act-- I guess that is pretty important for a play, right? Anyhow, I got to meet someone & than choke her right away-- & here I thought being married had put an end to those days! So yeah, that was last night-- running scenes, running over, waving bye as folks went to get burgers (you can't seduce me into coming, I like Jenny better than you!), then getting home in time to say goodnight to Jenny. She's got to talk to Toni Morrison & Henry Louis Gates Jr. so she's got to get her beauty rest! So with a bellyful of beer, I sat down, finished my book, & crawled into bed early. I've been having really interesting dreams-- like, nightmare marches, but fine, just fine. I can handle the mark! Monday was even slower-- came home, hit the gym: I had a pretty solid work out, actually. Drank beer-- I'm over my weird spat of drinking beer, though. I had lots of beer all weekend, & now I'm done with that. Jenny cooked broccoli rabe & mushrooms & steak-- I had picked a bad cut of steak, though. Top round chuck; never forget! Then we chewed through some more episodes of Angel. I really like Darla, & remember being really excited when she was on the show. It was still so close to Buffy that discounting "true love" between Buffy & Angel wasn't possible, or I guess I should say plausible. Bringing back his sire, & his first love-- that was a good way to introduce believable romantic tension. Sorry Bai Ling, it is true! & I really can't get over how awesome the Protomen's song "Breaking Out" is. Mostly because it makes Doctor Light, the old mad scientist creator of Mega Man, seem totally awesome, with lines like I want to burn until there's nothing left to burn about.
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