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Writing on the wall.

My weekend was anchored down by three things; a stable tripod! Lots of Fullmetal Alchemist cartoon episodes, lots of Jenny, & lots of beer. Lets take this chronologically in one direction; I'll go along with the preconception of linear time for ease of memory.

Friday was toughlad's DnD 4e game. I'm playing a Tiefling (well, more like Illithidling as it is turning out...) Warlock on the Star-pact. This was a huge sprawling session with eight players; myself, Emily as a Doppleganger Rogue, Peter as a Human Wizard, Alicia as an Eladrin Fighter, David as Dragonborn Cleric, Maggie as an Eladrin Wizard, Tracey as a Eladrin Rogue, & Sam as a Half-elf Cleric. Before game, Jenny & Maggie & I met up at Republic to chow on some noodles-- I should say for the record that the fried rice there was unlike the fried rice everywhere else? Different, which...!?! All fried rice is the same? Except there. On the train ride over to Emily's apartment, Maggie & I talked about her character; I tried to give her ideas without being domineering or hijacking her character. She's still learning what things are okay to claim control of (as a PC) as opposed to what the DM controls. Anyhow, Maggie wants to Paragon class into a Blood Mage, & brainstorming why she would I pitched the idea that since she's from the Feywild (Faerieland) maybe her mother is Sleeping Beauty who pricked her finger (blood) & her father was the prince who pushed through the thorns & brambles around her castle (blood).

James' game was fun; the table didn't disintegrate into chaos. He's sort of puzzling together "high concept" with "hack & slash," in a compelling way. Swiftian metaphors, cute book-evolved goblins with battle cries like "It was the best of times!" & "Call me Ishmael!" & silence golems that Tracey communicated with via paper airplanes. I was playing OPERA as increasingly post-traumatic stress disorder, combined with a healthy dose of purposefully misunderstanding social ques. What, no one could make out with the princesses! That doesn't even make sense, make out with the princesses. Gibberish! Meanwhile I'm amping up my own (Mordicai's) inclination to tell stories out of context to make them seem weirder. Then, we have a big brawl! With some super annoying solo monster. Annoying in a good way! I was trying to get the magic book-- that took me out of the fight for too long. I should have just joined the pile-on! Still, we smooshed him. I had brought a ton of cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon-- hey, when in Williamsburg! Then on the train ride home we ran into Steve & Maegan!

Saturday I just wasn't feeling up to life? Don't know what was wrong with me, but wrong is what it was. Still, I scraped it together enough to run some errands. We had diner food for breakfast, then went to buy some new fans-- the old fans being covered in gunk & whatnot. I'm not sure what we did about lunch, or come to think of it dinner! I know we didn't just starve though. Sort of all dominated by needing to go to the gym, which I blew off. The spirit was willing but the body was weak. I just couldn't get my head together, & didn't see the point of going just to punish my brain-- I'd end up going home all dizzy after a half an hour or something. Plus we needed to do laundry! Which we did end up doing. I hate that. Still, when the day was said & done, we had clean clothes, & the apartment had been seriously neatened up. The beer that we drank was called Wacko, which is has beet sugar in it & is...well, the colour of beets. I liked it, & would recommend drinking it from a glass to maximize the whole experience. Also we had some kind of witte beer too.

Sunday nothing doing; oatmeal for breakfast & my vow is: "I will go to the gym!" Went to the grocery store first to buy a ton of meats, & then a few trips to buy the perfect ironing board cover. Again-- watching plenty of cartoons! & comedy programs. & the end of Dollhouse, which like I said, in the final analysis I like. I haven't been reading the YA novel I'm trying to get through-- I'm disappointed by it, so far, with no signs of it picking up. Still, plenty of cuddling with my wife, & minor errands at least get me out of the apartment; I'm no so shut-in. I did make it to the gym, too; only for an hour, because I did end up feeling crummy. Still! I am thinking I might go back tonight, we'll see about that though. Lunch was sandwiches with brie; dinner was hot dogs! Or brats, I think. Yeah. Cue more cartoons, then Jenny & I chewed through some Angel. Beer was the end of the witte, & some of Magic Hat's "Circus Boy", since we'd had fun with Wacko.
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