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Impossible Mission Control.

Last night Lisa & Andy & I went to the Village Resaurant for steak & martinis. We're a bunch of young urban professionals, I guess. Well, we started off No Idea, which is an...adequate bar. It is the one that all the work people go to, & has an actual happy hour (not some fake "beers are five dollars" rubbish) so it serves its purpose. Chomp chomp, gossip gossip, then down to 9th for the planned dinner. Nothing major to report; it was a good steak, it was a good martini. I had two of them. Martinis, I mean. We talked mostly about work & such-- not in a gross way, but in a behind the scenes sort of milieu. Walked Lisa to the train & got home at about 9:33, only to find that Jenny was asleep already! What the heck. So I finished off the leftover wine from last night, played some MarioKart & watched an episode of Fullmetal Alchemist. Had a dream about Krull in a sort of Le Petit Prince-style; a childhood fable of how the Beast & his army of Slayers came down from the sky.

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