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Gulf of Tonka Trucks.

Quite the success last night, if you measure success by "wine drunk" or any other type of standard or practice! Slim group down to the core: Me, Jenny, fatbutts, fordmadoxfraud & Maggie. Trimed down to our fightin' weight! We open with a jab! Pow! While David & Maggie tuck into their grub, Lilly & I play some MarioKart. I'm leaving out some stuff at the begining, let me back track. Got out of the train at Union, grabbed some wine from Red, White, & Bubbly. Picked up some sandwiches from Pollio-- one Peter Luger thing that is like roast beef & lettuce & onions with Peter Lugar sauce & another that is ham & mozzerella balls. Talked with kingtycoon about the wizard-- his paragon wizad has some sick ability to penalize saves by -14, which is totally legal. Basically he can make a sad day for Orcus! But can't put him to sleep, which pleased me; not a crack in the system. Okay, so now Lilly & I are racing, & now we stop! On to Rod Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory; basically Excalibur is a better prize than a car, & Lizard King made a mistake. We don't get the big deal about the tricks? Jenny-- "have some showmanship!" Lilly ranting "did you see how many times he flipped it?" Then to back-to-back episodes of How I Met Your Mother. A, hilarious. B, what! Her? Is it a fake-out? Will we see it go down? It will be hard to win back your cred, Elliot! Then America's Next Top Model! Alright! Creepy-chan is still in the mix! I don't think she can make it any farther though, unless next week's episode is like, Benny Ninja & Miss J kidnapping her & taking her to the island where Green Arrow had to learn to be the best archer to survive, but instead of archery, making her walk runway. Still, Allison Harvard, you are our favorite. Also, Heather! I haven't forgotten you, Heather. Then, Jenny to bed, some more racing, & then drunkenly trying to play World of Goo with David & Maggie. Somewhere in there I tried to sneak in the boss fight from Big O. When I wake up the next morning, I'm hiding under a pillow, grabbing Jenny's jewelry as she kissed me goodbye.
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