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Wee Hawk. (46)

King of the World by Wallace Wood.

All girls are naked!
Well, under their clothes, at least.
Lets draw them that way!

This is a funny book? I picked it up when a gentleman I know was cleaning out his office; I took anything with monsters or wizards on the cover. That, sir or madam, is how I roll. This is a Mad magazine artist, writing a fantasy epic. A pretty clear homage to The Lord of the Rings, with a heaping helping of Conan thrown in, & some weird sexual politics. Sort of Elf Questy, with a few Little Nemo-like sequences. The main character is a little elf in a village that amounts to a free love commune. The girls are drawn naked then get a swath of water colour over top. Sometimes chained up, too-- why not? The protagonist is a little bit cynical, a little bit clever. There is a broken sword. A sleeping wizard king. A demon god. I kind of want to read the other two volumes of this, just to see how it ends up.
Tags: books, comics, haiku

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