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I've been putting off writing about last Friday because I had my fingers crossed for pictures; they'll come I'm sure, but I don't want to be a nag, & besides, I can just put them up when I get them. That is a funny thing about diaries; at some point context degrades, because it relies so much on the veracity of the writer. You'll have to forgive me; I'm still stuck in the Gene Wolfe paradigm, & the book of his I'm reading is epistolary, with caesuras scattered here & there in it. By the way, I'm really enjoying it-- a manuscript, oh la la. I like it a lot, better than his last two, & maybe more than the most recent Latro. Oh here I am falling off topic; I need some honey bees to come dance & show me where to land, how to find the finest flowers!

Friday was Meatfest-- there was an attempt to dub it Meatfest Oh Nine, but I protested-- Meatfest Spring Oh Nine! Lets leave the door open for a seasonal repeat, of at least the impetus. We went to churrascaria! My first time. I should point out before I leave the gate: this was a double date; my wife & I along with Jocelyn & Brian. We met up here at the Flattest, Ironiest building, & then off to Queens. Brian had done the research, & though our destination didn't have "rodizo" service-- in which they bring you whatever variety of meat they feel like like until you throw a red flag of surrender-- it was close & convenient. First, however-- cocktails! I drank absinthe, the others drank what they wanted, all off us in a hidden cranny. Naked devils on the walls of the bathroom. We were in the VIP lounge, is where we were! Then to the meat-- they brought it on swords (skewers really) & there was mounds of it. Steak wrapped in bacon, chicken wrapped in savory odors, sausages, & more too. & like empenadas, for friends. Beans & yucca flour to scatter as you see fit! We ate till we couldn't eat any more, then ran about Queens till homeward bound. Then, Jenny & I got into a (drunken) fight about the new refrigerator. Oh well!

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