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Whatever knows fear! (44)

Monsters by Neal Adams.

"Its alive! Its--"
suddenly, the wolfman, and
Dracula! "Oh my--"

I don't know what to tell you about this guy here. Do you want to see Neal Adams draw Dracula, Frankenstein's monster, & a werewolf? If you do, this is the comic for you. There is a frame story-- okay, frame story, whatever. Gives you an excuse to Monster Mash, which I know certain parties (toughlad) won't stop gushing about. Dracula wants Frankenstein's monster to be his slave & guard him while he daysleeps. Dracula also has a handlebar mustache. Frankenstein's monster is v2.0, & has the brain of an abused street urchin. The werewolf is the pretty girl, & has to fight some gypsies. There you have it. I think the Werewolf art is the best, when there isn't any fighting; Adams manages to make an anthropomorphic creature lope along on all fours without looking ungainly, which is a tough nut to crack. There is a pretty great burnt-up Dracula, too. In the back there is some Childhood's End art I quite liked; toeing the line between devil & alien is tough. Also, Man-Thing.
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