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Last night on the Colbert Report the guest was someone from Heifer International, which is the first I've ever heard of the charity. It seems a pretty smart one, too; the simple trick is-- well, they give you livestock. Taking the "teach a man to fish" thing pretty literally. Consider that gives the people self-perpetuating wealth, & collateral, well. Seems clever? It made me wonder though-- the modern cow. I mean, throughout most of history, cows were a damn sight smaller-- which means less ecological & caloric impact, right? I think about biological imperialism-- corn, modern cattle, how stuff like that is entwined with developing cultures. I also think: isn't this doctrine of bombing nuts? I mean, the doctrine of total war isn't meant to be adopted as a starter point but somehow it is? Even when our rhetoric is liberation? Gonzo crazy, man. You know what else is crazy man? If you pick two really attractive women? Antonio & I will invariably think the other one is the better looking. I mean from each other. He'll like A, I'll like B, he'll like 2, I'll like 1. Every time. Infallibly. To this day. Just a weird thing.

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