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Lexicon Oubliette. (41)

Lexicon Urthus by Michael Andre-Driussi.

The sailors talk like:
"...said the mouse to the thorned-paw."
& they mean The Claw.

Yesterday was just soaked in Gene Wolfe. I am reading Peace, his first novel. I just printed up a manuscript of his forthcoming book. & Then I got a call from Kit Marlowe & Co. telling me that this came in! So of course I plotted out my course so that I could pick it up, detoured by David's & snagged it-- not too close though, since he's got the pig flu, or something. James had already gone through it-- he called me from work & just started reading entries at random, & then tried to steal it from me! I had special ordered it as soon as I heard it was back in print, & I wasn't having any of that.

So, I'm a nerd for Wolfe scholarship. So I'm basically already a fan of this book, without even opening it. Oh, but then I did! It is lovely. The introduction by Gene Wolfe somehow references Bored of the Rings?! & then the slew of entries. They discuss usage in the text, etymology, consequences of etymology, the real world history of the term & names if applicable, & then often some speculation or figuring. Figuring like trying to reverse engineer the calendar, or sussing out just how tall an exultant is (6'11" for girls like Thecla, 7' for boys). Of course, as a guy with a Dungeons & Dragons background, a lot of the words were clear to me, but even then, they are indexed & discussed. A nice, valuable resource. I recommend this to anybody even remotely interested in critical thought regarding the Book of the New Sun or worldbuilding. & if you were asking me what I wanted, what I wanted that wasn't here? I'd say I wanted Book of the Long Sun & Book of the Short Sun thrown in here. The Lexicon Solarus so to speak. Probably my favorite stumbled across fact? If the moon was close enough to be as big as Urth's Lune, the tides would be equal to the Sainte Anne tides from Fifth Head of Cerebus. Off the cuff, I really do think Green & Blue are Sainte Anne & Sainte Croix, respectively. That the inhumi are the aboriginals, are the same as the woldercon, are the same species as Father Inre. Oh & I really want to flesh out Eschatology & Genesis, Doctor Talos' play.
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