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I just like saying sparklevamps.

(Jocelyn took this picture of me, Kat, & Adam trying to do The Last Supper at my birthday)

Nothing much doin' this weekend; Jenny was on the major relaxation warpath, & I reaped the benefits. Saturday, like I said, I hung with Lilly & David Lynch in the morning, then for the evening Jenny went to dinner with Carla & I went to the gym & then played some MarioKart. I'm trying to learn how to race on manual, get the power slides & everything. It is pretty tricky, actually, but I used it to get a bronze on the 150cc race. Yeah-- I'm not very good at that game, yet. Jenny ended up coming home right after dinner & not getting sucked into the whirlwind of cocktails Carla can sometimes conjure. Oh I should mention: the sixty pound barbell was taken, so I did all my sets with the seventy pounder; pushing up a notch soon? Maybe. Anyhow, back on the recollection train: we closed out the evening drinking lots of liquor from minibar bottles & watching Zack & Miri Make a Porno. It was, well-- basically what you'd expect? It wasn't insulting, that was nice, but it is still some miserable people. At least they make good in the end? It was a fine film to watch drunk-- everyone acts like a moron & you wish they wouldn't? On the flip side, the gay jokes in this movie were not mean spirited? Like, for once the characters weren't using "gay" pejoratively, & there is a bit where Zack watches a gay couple (Routh & Long-- easily the best sequence in the film) bicker & muses that they are a "real couple." Anyhow. I also watched the last half of Milk. Basically...yes? I knew these things? The credits rolling with the actors & the real people juxtaposed was cool. I mean-- it is hard for me to really get around biopics? Other than to say in the end "good job." Like, I can't have a real opinion unless they fail? I didn't know all of Harvey Milk's boyfriends committed suicide-- I guess I learned something.

Sunday was more lazy for more dollars! Fist full of lazy! Get lazy or die trying! I got us grub from the diner, we watched some television, maybe? We wasted some time. Jenny watched a movie I didn't care about, I went to the gym again-- I've been really bad about going during the week, so I was trying to catch up, & today I am wearing a too-small shirt, so it was a good idea. When I came back, oh! No, wait, Jenny watched a movie I didn't care about while I was at the gym & after I came back-- before that we rewatched Twilight, which I continue to like. Again-- I'm sure the books are insufferable, but the film skewers itself so frequently, the actors play their stereotypes into caricatures, the whole thing just gels together. After that, we watched a whole slew of Angel episodes, & finished out season one. That is the hard part out of the way! Jenny went to bed, then, & I put The Mothman Prophecies on in the background while I tried to think about my Saturday game session: Mike is in town to reprise his role as Gaspar D'Evion, & we are in a weird middle ground, narrative. Requires thinking.
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