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In the cat's cradle!

Don't be fooled by the pictures above (taken by Alicia)-- those are from James' birthday, & yesterday was his DnD game, a totally different animal. I went over to Emily's place, which isn't that far from the G, but not knowing if I was going in the right direction (crossing unlabeled warehouses, freeways, alleys, factories) made it seem like it was. Indoors, she had a really good living room for a game. The party was me as Opera, my philosopher existentialist Tiefling Warlock; James as Dungeonmaster; Emily as the princess's body double Doppleganger Ranger; Maggie as a newcomer Eladrin Wizard; David as his Dragonborn Cleric; Alicia as the princess, a Eladrin Fighter; Peter as the astronomer spymaster, a Human Wizard. So, we unlikely crew; up again to Modenkaininan's flying castle, this time to go into the library, a nearly infinite Borgesian library of every book ever written, running out of synch with time; you go in for a week, a month, then come out & it has only been a second. Well, it has been DAYS since the breeding pair of goblin's got loose! The evolved into classics quoting hermit-crab like symbiotes living silently in hollowed out book covers. We fought 'em; I killed four with one blow! Today has been this: wake up, run in to Adam, eat vegan food with Lilly, go over to her apartment, watch the last episode of Twin Peaks, then run right into Fire Walk With Me. We talked about it a little, & now I'm back. Jenny will go out to dinner with Carla, & I'll go to the gym. After that, I can't say.
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