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Squeeze the Charmin!

from BodyWorld.

Been fairly busy today-- shame, because I've had flitting thoughts going through these noodles, the grey pudding. Like-- another reason to be down on Frank Miller? He doesn't get Conan. What, he called Marv "Conan in a trench coat," right, & has his whole big "bad in the day they would've made Marv a king!" line, right? Well kiddo, no. One person made Conan king-- Conan. He wasn't put there by popular acclaim, & he wasn't some drug addled mess. & Conan is already the story about savage man in a civilized world-- Howard's Hyborean age is fundamentally civilized. That is the dialogue already present in the text! So that's been eating me. Plus, the season has changed, so I feel really alien everywhere I go-- I like the feeling. The best part of the greening is how foreign it makes everything seem. Took lunch outside-- a huge pile of bacon? That is what twice-cooked pork is? Ugh, intense. Then also, Hoboken? Suddenly everyone is talking about it; looks like the Megaplex is Sprawling, you know? Today? Dentist. I hate that there are people who can just yell at me. Do your job, clean my teeth! Flossing is a joke. Then Dungeons & Dragons. Oh, & the oft referenced musical number from America's Next Top Model!

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