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Man, o man! Racecar! (40)

Wolf in the Parlor by Jon Franklin.

The best palindrome
is about a canal, but
dog/god is great, too.

The core claim of this book is buried towards the end: dogs & humans have a symbiotic relationship in which humans do the abstract thinking & dogs carry the emotional burden. The author's insights are pretty much speculative, but he prefaces the book with that, pointing out that he's a reporter, a science journalist, & not a peer reviewed scientist. I cut a lot of slack & leave a lot of room for musing because of that; reminding me of the proper context at the proper moments? That is proper & correct. I'm not sure why the author fixates on the end of the Ice as the gateway into modern humans; I'm a Great Leap Forward at 50k kind of guy, myself. In the end, I think I tend to agree with his conclusions, but no on the ramifications of them-- I think yes, the domestication of the dog was a great boon, a more or less unique symbiotic domestication (which the cat is a lesser example of). I don't think it was as seminal an event as Franklin posits it. The rest of the book, the skeleton of it, involves his relationship with a dog. His dog, or rather-- his wife's dog. His dog. That transition-- from a dog that is around, to his dog, is kind of the core of the emotional journey. I've had similar thoughts, but I like to invoke fiction around them-- The Dog-Man-God people in my game, for instance, think that the way a dog relates to a human ("The magic dog opened the cave! The magic dog opened the food! How! I love magic dog!") is the way that humans relate to the divine-- the gods just do what is natural, in their way, & humans are befuddled on a fundamental level. Still-- this book reminded me that people have dogs; something to keep in mind. I've beeen keeping my eyes peeled, too-- noticing. Noticing people with pups.
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