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Lions & tiger & bakemono, oh my! (39)

Beasts! Book Two curated by Jacob Covey.

Near & dear to us
fearsome clutch of dungeon men
are all our monsters.

Peter & Alicia gave this two me for my birthday, & I gobbled it up on trains & drunk on the couch. I liked the first one & I like this one! It is difficult to really go into too much detail because, well-- it is what it is. Like, once you get the concept, you get the concept. Contemporary artists drawing monsters. I thought this one might be less "hipster art," less with the Crumb block figures & all that, but not really. Which isn't a complaint, just a recognition. In fact, I'm more than happy to have new takes on monsters; I mean, I get enough of the "canon" in various Monster Manuals, don't I? This collection has a lot more genitals in it, which the editor assures us is just the way it happened to turn out. Oh, & an introduction by Loren Coleman to lend an air of "credibility" is the right way to go.
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