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(photo by rbl)

Threw a party this weekend. Correspondingly noticed that I've embraced the Metropolis definition of "party" as a gathering of people at a bar. When I first moved here, the term was anthem! Parties are at places, houses, abandoned factories, something, not a bar. Ah, well, here we are. It was an extravaganza, a feast for the senses. Maybe fifty people ended up coming out? The core clutch, a work cohort or twelve, darlings, sweetmeats, former co-workers, yarbos, jabberwocks, some babies, a real menagerie. I ducked out around midnight, my sober & nearly-recovered from sickness wife leading me by the hand. Loot: an hourglass, a book I already had, a book I really wanted, a painting in the works, a wand of excellent prismatic spray, a bottle of gin, a xenomorph, this & that. This would be an appropriate place to put in details, or memories, but here: it happened, I was there for it, maybe you were too (a lot of people where there).

Sun's day started off with me fainting! Like straight up passing out, almost. I got up in the wee hours of the morning to use the head, flushed, & then boom-- dropped my water glass, knees buckled, Jenny running in to see if I was alright. I was! What the hell was that, though? Brain tumor or dehydration are my guesses. The day was pretty lazy from there. I wracked my brain about stuff; maybe I'll talk about it some. I mean, I certainly will. After the wrackin', I met up with Maggie & we went to play rehearsal ("I didn't go to theater school to go to practice!). Oh man I need to memorize my lines, but Greg being there to tell people what to do is great. Oh man I need to memorize my lines. Daile, Maggie, & James cliqued up afterward. Hooray for us is the motto of the Lion Pinball Players! Next one Tyr's day, oh man I need to memorize my lines.
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