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This it was given to me to know.

You know, I really think of myself as just being of average height-- but for a better type of person. I think I've copped to it before, confessed. Swimming through Gotham's crowds of tinies, giving the chin-up nod to others of more plausible heights. Optimates, Alphas, Numenoreans, Calaquendi, whatever you will. So I'm still a slave to the same old prejudices! Though listening to NPR makes me realize that at least I'm not one of their unthinking armchair pseudo-intellectuals. Every day it seems like they assume strange things about their listeners; like am I supposed to think Europe is awesome? I don't think any such nonsense! They had a bit yesterday-- "you would just naturally assume Europe has better restrictions on dangerous additives & chemicals, wouldn't you?" No I wouldn't assume that! Be haunted by images of flipper babies! Pay attention. This morning-- "Did you know that there is tension in Amsterdam between immigrants &c?" Wait, did I know Europe was hugely racist? Did I know that the Dutch invented South African apartheid? Did I know about white/coloured/black? Yes, because I pay even a little attention? NPR stop insulting me with your crazy reporting!

So I've been Thirty now. I don't feel very introspective about it. Age is analog, & besides, I count from K-T crash & Tunguska first & foremost. Still, any excuse for presents & parties, don't you think? The real bash is Saturday, but last night was the date properly (officially, I should say; properly I can't speak to) & it coincided with TV night, so there was of course some celebratory overtones. Jenny was under the weather again; stress sickness succeptible. She was laying down in the back when Lilly came, got there first-- & gave me MarioKart! Race for the finish, King Boo! I showed her the mii I made for Moonchild too; the awesomest mii of all. Lilly's gentleman James showed up for a flash, but left to return later, so I won't count him yet. Carla showed up next, full of crab dip & with Claudio the dog. She gave me an apertif wine of some sort; we'll have to sort that out! I think it was David & Maggie next, glowering about the big #BurritoFail 2009. Maggie lost her cellphone that night. Then Danielle came over, hooray, out from Queens! & then finally James did come. Yes. We ate many crackers, too! Some with meat, some with cheeses of various pedigrees, some with yogurt. We had to restrain James from putting goat cheese on a shortbread cookie. NOOOoooo. How I Met Your Mother sure seemed funny! OH CRAP I forgot: Lilly made jello shots! So it seemed...pretty damn funny. Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory we shouted a lot during; a noisy TV Night. Still, he kept telling that guy he was being creepy; awesome. Then finally America's Next Top Model. I think it was Bridgett who put the awesome idea out there that maybe London was pregnant? Even still, maybe. Sorry though; you are allowed to tell people it isn't okay to gain tons of weight when they are on a modeling competition. Jenny was a trooper, curled up in her chair & sober.

Yep. Nothing introspective to say. No "milestone," as T. put it. No beers poured out for homeys. I had a pretty good twenty-ninth year, but not by any virtue of the years quality. Really I have three ages, I think? Moved from the alienated & wicked Prince into the Alien & ideological Warlock. Who can say what the third age will be or when it will show up? I can't. Still, maybe I should force some kind of event, some kind of marker. Maybe I'll start writing Bootblack today. Here, lets say it begins like this: The sky overhead was crowded with zeppelins, crewed by the dead.

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