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My weekend was pretty delightfully grueling. Away to the Pleasure Gulag! I can't for any money remember if anything happened on Friday, but Saturday was a hilarious catalog of shuffled cards. My Tower & Devil beat your three of a kind! All morning Olive & I tried to sort out our ways, & I flipped between being proactive & being a puddle of yogurt. Oh, crap, I just said that, & am now nostalgic. Anyway, eventually I did manage to get myself to the gym, & then up into Manhattan, because Olive is here from Ultima Thule! So I had the chance to hang out with my darlings. Katja & I have not been synched up lately, & this is the first time I'd seen her new apartment. Those girls are a real pair of sweethearts. Wait, sweethearts are the things you put in your boxing gloves to make them hit harder, right? Or wait am I thinking of knuckledusters. Those, then. We had some sushi & sake & then back to Katja's for lots of drinking & video games. B. was there too for a while. Even the dog was blonde over there! I'm the darkest thing in that place.

Last night: hibachi! I keep going on dates with my wife. Awesome.

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