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Not to be confused with similarly named neighborhoods in Dis, Nessus, or London Below. (37)

A Walking Tour of the Shambles (Little Walks for Sighseers #16) by Gene Wolfe & Neil Gaiman.

The tick-tock, tick-tock
of the crocodile & the
howl of the meat clock.

It shouldn't surprise anyone that Gene Wolfe & Neil Gaiman are the only authors of any travel guide to the Shambles. I was in the neighborhood for an afternoon on my way home by gypsy cab from when I was stranded in Minnesota. I didn't have much of a chance to do anything besides wander the Saunder's park & avoid the Swandoliers & the Clock Museum on account of not having any money to my name (not even ten dollars in my shoe). Still, the mish-mash style & character of the neighborhood left an impression on me, & reminded me very much of some of the more interesting archeological digs unearthed by the Cleveland Salt Mines under Lake Eerie. Mister Gaiman mentioned on his blog that the copyright concerns (& copywrong issues) had been cleared up with the Estate of Albert Fish, & so they were free to do another print run-- I picked it up with haste, & had it sent to a PO Box I'd registered under someone else's name (sorry). I am eager to return to the Shambles; perhaps Jenny would like to go there with me. Perhaps I'll ask her. Perhaps I'll just take her.
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