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Zetas. (36)

Wormwood, Nevada by David Oppegaard.

Book, sweet in my mouth
but in my belly, bitter.
Then- the aliens.

This is pretty bleak-- but the main characters move from Nebraska to Nevada, so what can you expect? Somehow though, it manages to be more nihilistic than The Suicide Collectors? Maybe nihilistic isn't the best word; there is a defeated streak of mediocrity, of settling for less. Of being comfortable, of being lost. You know, giving up. Or at least toeing the line that says: "give up." Really the male star of the story is no great shakes. He shines best when he's upfront about seeing the meteor but is too fragile & doubting for me to really like. The female protagonist is better: she kicks the crap out of that dude with the knife, she wants to fuck on the site of the meteor crash, she moves the people out of the way of the crashing carnival ride. She's kind of a failure too though, & toys with breaking free. They didn't have a love? So much as a comfort. I think people like kromelizard might like this; the message seems to me like Angel season five-- nothing stops. Being grown up means tomorrow is a fight, too. I shouldn't make it seem like it was too deeply existential; the character's weren't loathsome, just doubting, hanging on. The Visitors are appropriately enigmatic, too-- like with Suicide Collectors, they are clearly up to something, but Oppegaard doesn't stop & explain it; they have their own internal motivations, deal with it! This is a story about people, not moon men!
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