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Bluebeard the Dentist.

Alright! Yesterday was a streak, blue jagged TESLA! written on the black fabric of the sky in lightning. Snuck out of work for lunch with Marie at THE DEVIL. Our waiter hovered & explained our food to us & I felt kind of patronized, but what can you do? The okra of all things was really good. My food was the kind of food where one type of adorable baby animal, lets say a kitten, is stuffed inside of another absolutely cute animal cub, lets say a humpback whale calf. Speaking of humpback whales, how about that guy who swam under the Verazzano Bridge? Good for him! Marie was delightful as always & we touched briefly on our mutal interest (!) in Rennaisance orphanages, & feigned interest when I got a little dorky about the internet. & then somehow we were talking about bleeding colostrum. Sorry!

Dinner was Passover Seder at Adam & Tania's with Kat, Matt, & Eugene. Jenny & I brought salty eggs & wine! Adam's apartment is a Baba Yaga cottage, the reformed stables (or servant's quarters) hidden in the negative space left by buildings on all sides. He's got a little garden & courtyard; it is charming. I hadn't seen it since i helped him move in; they've made a little home! We mangia'd, tried to remember the things you are supposed to do (hide the magic ransom cracker! Why is this night special? Leave the door open!) & feasted. Tania is a vegan chef-- like, a chef that went to culinary school & chefs for a job-- so the food was solid, & Adam made brisket. Check, check. Also checked off: tons more MarioKart & yelling, yelling, always yelling at the console for cheating. Then hanging around outside, then back in, then back out-- all a lot of fun, & when it was time to go, everyone left, & we walked through the streets of Brooklyn as a clique (resisting splitting up! Never split the party!), staggering & laughing.

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