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No more Chinese Democracy! Noooo.

Sunday was another kick back & relaxer, more or less, but I still managed to keep myself busy. Beat some more "Challenge" levels on Lego Star Wars; will those final percents ever end? I'm left with a Super Story & 15 Challenge levels to do. I also purchased World of Goo, which is basically the same thing as Lemmings, so I expect it to consume my brain with a slow burning obsession. Breakfast was...sandwiches? & an ordeal; the smaller Mexican grocery store didn't have anyone working at the deli counter so I had to take the stuff I bought there over to the bigger joint & load up on sliced meats there. Domestic, son, ya heard? Made a megahero of cold cuts & then I cut out over to the gym. Boom! Hopefully last week's lethargy won't repeat-- well, hold on. Not lethargy; I was busy, not lazy. Honest injun. No offense to any aboriginal Americans: you can say "gyp" if you want, I'll call it fairsquare.

Then back out to Williamsburg-- weekend of Williamsburg! This time with Jenny in tow: we were off to the first full script reading of Cocktails at the Center of the Earth. I play a clockwork manservant & she plays a variety of roles, from Jet Pack Fire to A Constellation. I wasn't sure how to read my character's lines, & still am not, but yelling at the beginning seemed to amuse those present, so hopefully that will amuse other audiences. Still, I will have to work on the more...punishing lines. Oh how droll! This play should be a stirring success; I anticipate nothing but winning, given our other performances. Then rather than stick around with the folks of the play, we tucked off home, since she's got a big day today. I had a glass of Bailey's! Too sweet for me thanks, but Jenny demanded I share some of my wine! I was the fussy one, that time. Anyhow, we capped off the evening with some Angel & then she went to bed & I played some more Goo. When I tried to go to bed, some lummox's guffaws kept me from sleep! That jerk. At least today's Problem Sleuth has a picture of my building on it to cheer me up.

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