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Big Boy killed Lips Manlis.

Yesterday was pretty action packed, if you step back & look at it, but it sure felt lazy. Opening move was a breakfast feast from the diner; one thing that is nice about that place is that a breakfast feast doesn't have to be too crazy expensive. After that we tra-la-la'd over to get things framed. Getting things framed is expensive-- I knew that much-- & so I didn't have sticker shock too badly. Three things done, three c-notes, that was about what I was braced for. Jenny got a Witch Prison! poster (one of the ultrakurtzwelle ones) framed, as well as some peacock feather photos I got her for Holiday X last year. I was pretty proud of those: they were pinhole photographs from the same lady was Jenny bought her peacock clutch from for the wedding. I am pretty clever! Anyway, those are going up in her new office. I got the painting that kingtycoon made me framed in a gaudy theatrical frame, that thanks to our excellent taste, exactly matched the gold frame on the mirror in the room where we're going to put it. After that it was over to the office supply store to buy things for her office, & for home-- we guessed the ink cartridge for our printer correctly, too!

Then over to the gym; Death to Smootchy was on the television, so I did a bunch of cardio. That movie is under rated, I'm telling you! Mister Rogers in a nihilistic funk plotting to kill Barney the Dinosaur? I'm pleased with the cardio heavy day, since it gives me an excuse to go back today. Then from there I ate some feast leftovers, played some more Lego Star Wars. Beat another Episode on "Super Story," but I'm still only at 95.8% complete. Some television-- I told Jenny I don't care about Kings & I don't, neither. So she watched some of that, & she watched Dollhouse, or at least the end of it, since she'd fallen asleep the night before. I've decided after the last episode that I like it; that was a strong example of storytelling & I was pleased with it, & the non-Eliza characters are really claiming a niche; I'm digging it. Dinner was Thai food; Jenny & I are both embarrassed by how good pad thai is.

The evening capped off with me heading over to Williamsburg to see Jocelyn & Brian & Kat at one of their friend's birthday parties. Jenny wasn't feeling up to it (or much of anything) so I was solo. Getting there was a bit of a misadventure; I shouldn't have trusted that stranger's iphone but rather I should have gone with my instincts; I asked & she took me backwards instead of forwards. I still got to Iona in the end! & met up with the folks. The strangers were good looking & smart! I wasn't planning on being there for long, but I did want to invest in establishing a pattern of hanging out with Jocelyn et al. There were card tricks, & bacon flavoured cupcakes, & cake (I had to pull out the knife-- apparently the next birthday must do so, or so I was told, & everyone knows better than to refuse an offer of a knife) & cookies & many other treats. There was also a shady lurking guy; I've been spoiled by assertive ladies, my masculine parade skills are atrophied. Lucky for lazy me, Jocelyn is a spitfire & told that dude to go get lost. I didn't even menace him a little. So I drank my beers & excused myself-- goodbye everyone! We had been sitting out in the garden, which was heated by wood furnaces, so I got home (without much trouble) smelling like a campfire. Slept poorly, waking up fretting about mundane things, & then this morning Jenny & I drank a ton of Crystal Pepsi.

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