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Are you dancer?

This burrito I'm eating is made out of cactus! I didn't know that was a filling you could get, but I got it! I'm pretty sure this is my first time eating it. Work has been a little hectic this week: besides all the meetings & such, everyone assumed I'd be bored all week, so I got a bunch of little projects to do, which, on top of the rest of my plate, left me feeling deep in a hole. Here is a thing I know about myself, after making a mess of collegiate life: I don't work well with procrastination. The infamous snowball-- if I let things pile up, pretty soon I feel buried & I just let go. Lucky for me, though, I'm an adult now, & I can deal with things on my own terms, more or less. Still, every so often there is a pile of wreckage to sift through. That is this week. Still, I made some good strides & I don't think I'm in any trouble. I still have some projects to do, & lots of office spring cleaning to deal with-- ugh, & mailings-- but I'm not too badly off at the moment. It has sort of been stressing me out all week though; who gets stressed about work? Leave it at the office!

In further occupational recounting, last night was a crazy office Armageddon. I stayed afterhours to help "facilitate" an editorial/sales meet & greet. After an afternoon of Keystone Cop/Benny Hill setup, they started flowing in. "Facilitate" mostly meant encourage them to drink, & oh, I should have a few glasses of vino in the mix. Great! That went well, & I somehow dazzled with a Candide joke, & before you know it, poof! Off to the races. Well, Matt & I ducked off for a shot before the races. We went to a fancy Greek restaurant & well, ended up pretty blotto. I was originally sitting next to the president! That would have kept me honest, but then they shuffled me over & I sat with some reps & people from the building I didn't know. One of the reps was the guest of honor-- his 25 year anniversary with the company. The other is the Gotham rep; he & I are pals. Pals = bring on the wine! I managed not to embarrass myself (somehow) but everything is pretty blurry after we decided our fish was too dry. One of my bosses goaded others into pounding on the door when I went to the bathroom-- pranked! Bundled home & sat on Jenny's feet.

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