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Dark High School!

Newfriend Nick Courage interviewed me & we put in our $.52 about a chedder spread of topics. That's our two cents, plus the fifty-cent words flying fast & furious. We butcher Lacan, Dinosaur Island, Bronte-clones, Ur, getting hitched, Witch Prison!, gaming, tarot, & close out on gill men & zombies-- the warbling cries of the former versus Toto. It was a lovely way to spend a few gaps in my work schedule; I'm a fan of this Nick & his lady (she gave me biscotti!).

Last night was Television Everyvision! The day of viewing on a massive scale. Special guests! Danielle, old crew, hit the scene hard! Plus Lilly brought her boyfriend James, who I've "met" before. Meeting people after 2:00 AM does not count! He was there & we poured him drinks & he was afraid of Jenny! Jenny is feeling under the weather, so besides a celebratory glass of champagne, she was sober. We were...not! Vietnamese sandwiches, dinosaur cookies & laser ropes (none for me thank you!), cheeses galore & sausages & crackers & olives! & you know, fresh-off-the-foot stomped wine. Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory was a clip show. How I Met Your Mother was about getting old. America's Next Top Model was about that Hindu colour festival. Then at 11:00 (remember my darling sick wife!) we rounded up everyone & sent them on their merry way. Oh, lets not forget playing lots of MarioKart; Lilly & James jockeying for first & second place & the rest of us along for the ride. Then to bed; then in the morning to a nice nook between Jenny's face & shoulder where I could snuggle my face!
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