mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
mordicai caeli

At home waiting for the refrigerator repair man. He's not "late" per se, since they said nine to ten, but I'm not really happy about it being on the other end of that axis. I called them up & they confirmed that he was on his way; probably meaning he's being shoo'ed over here now. Which means I'm not at work, which is fine since nobody is there, but I contradictorily wish someone was there, so I could have told them I'd be late. I'm a nest of strange impulses. I just ate some nilla wafers, dipping them in peanut butter. I'm a little bit overly stir crazy about this I think. Last night was nothing doing. Jenny & I watched the first episode of Kings, which is alright. I found out that I remember the myth of David & Saul better than I thought, & the preacher-- Samuel-- is more of a wizard than an evangelist, which is proper. Uph, BUZZ! Mister Fixit is here!

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