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I have been punishingly busy & drunk lately. The gospel, though, is that Jenny got her new job, so she's the superstar. It is like when Spider-man got the black costume & you are like "woah, awesome? I didn't know you could make Spider-man cooler." On my side of the lake, well. I almost don't even want to talk about it, because I should be shuffling papers from one column to another. I'm swamped at work, but only because yesterday I went to a conference. Up in Westchester, & yeah, I did keep my eye peeled for bald guys in wheel chairs (cue Mordicai: "Get! Out! Of! My! Head!). Deep pause, moment to orient myself. I am all over the place today! I seriously have been working like a crazy ant; I'm no ant, I'm a moon fungus in the ant brain! Here, let me run down my day. Or first I'll give a quick lip gloss over Sun's Day: went to gym with Adam, he wasn't feeling too hot, we got burritos, when I got home Jenny had already started drinking, got wasted & watched Angel, weren't wasted enough, went to liquor store to buy clementine flavored vodka & Bailey's (clearly drunken decision making). The end. There, now let me just sort of run this out crazy: absinthe, no sugar cube!

Woke up early, like 5:30. Got ready & came to the Flatiron to catch the shuttle to Westchester-- had to run in to grab boxes of kits for the reps, saw Andy & had a moment of pure unadulterated anger when I thought he was wearing a tie. (It. Said. Business. Casual!) Saw I was mistaken. Disaster averted. Rode up with a bunch of the folks from the floor; zoned out. Yay Fort Tryon park! Arrived at the hotel. Hotel: Lovecraftian in a "Rats in the Walls" way. Old mansion (haunted) with the hotel built around it; the wall of the dining room was previously an exterior wall, etc. Long, exaggeratedly long hallways with right angles; perfect for attackers! Helped set up basic things for the event. Breakfast. Done! our stated purpose was set-up, but the real reason we went was to meet & greet. Glad hand. Andy is my counterpart on the other half of the company, I should mention. Lunch-- good noodles & tiramisu. None of the meetings were even slightly applicable to me-- all his side. I still sat in on a few just to have done so. Hung out with folks who didn't need to be in the meetings either. Presentations somehow end an hour early!? Hospitality Suite time; aka bring on the booze. A few drinks; I play some pool. I'm no good but I'm not cry-in-your-milk embarrassing. Dinner; too much drinking & chatting means I lose my seat at the table I'd plan to sit at. Dinner is fine; lots of cheese. Back to hospitality suite. Things are starting to bump right as I need to leave. Some jokes about getting me a room but away I go; my lady has texted me the good news about her job. Hooray! Share a cab ride home with some editors; I'm in shotgun & mostly on the zone. Train ride home with one of them; we chat, mostly about "The Pond" in relation to publishing. Home. Refrigerator broken. Champagne must be drunk.

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