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Till they put you in the ground.

Last night Jenny & I went to Kappa Sake House to celebrate & relax. The night before had been a bit of a whirlwind; the shower was on the fritz, spitting out water that was bloody (our poltergeist again), so Jenny had to take a bath using water we boiled on the stove. There was a hectic keystone sequence of boiling, dumping, boiling, dumping, but the job got done. It reminded us both of the time I was staying with her for winter break, about, oh, a decade ago, when the heat went out in the building & we kept warm by staying in a bath with the hot water constantly running & water boiling on the stove. Friday itself was a mess-- Jenny had her thing & I was doing last minute stuff for next week's conference-- but it finally ended with not a moment to spare! So-- over to Kappa! We'd already had a little bit of wine in us, to be quite honest. I particularly was excited; the former sushi place in the spot had burned me once, but I wanted to give new management an honest try. I was pretty happy-- apparently they just play Akira Kurisawa films & En Vogue songs!? I can't get enough of that; too funny. Our appetizers came in a huge half-halo dish, & the sake we got was very good-- we had a bottle of the Dassai Nigori (a milky unfiltered with lots of precipitate) & then a glass each of the Bi Shonen (which was pretty good actually-- subtle) & the Hitori Musume (an unfiltered we didn't like as much as the Dassai Nigori). Not that I know anything about sake, but maybe I'll learn? Then we came home, watched The Last Frakking Battlestar Galactica Special or whatever it is called, & kept drinking. It was nice; my wife & I like things together, & we like things apart. A good set-up. Today is happening now; I need to get my act together. I'll blurb something about this book I finished, then start thinking about going to the gym.

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