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How I Met Your Woden.

Before I start talking about TV night-- quick statement about comic book stuff. Batman redesigns are up at Project Rooftop, & I don't really agree with the judges very much for once. For me the strongest are not the best. If I could cherry pick, I like this eyeless mask (though way honorable mention for the nightmarish Ten-eyed Man mask) with a patagium With escrima sticks worked into the profile; it would be great if they could somehow make the bat-silhoutte even scarier? Making a more traditional Batgirl gives you more room to play with, though. Personally, though, I hate all the leather jackets? Enough of this!

Last night was TV night! Maybe returning to its shrine of Wednesday night? Jenny & I had Vietnamese sandwiches in preparation & caught up on America's Next Top Model I'll fold that episode into my thoughts on the most recent one, though. Lilly came over first-- we were quite a pair! In rare form! We played a bunch of Wii & talked smack by mostly acting like a couple of old codgers. A theme that continued through out the night-- we were at each other's throats, in a hilarious way. Started off the evening cracking open a nice cold Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy which his fantasy was literally to get attacked by a shark? To lend "cred" to his line of toys? & he in fact literally got attacked by a shark? While screaming over the mic about what a bad idea it was? How great. On to How I Met Your Mother, which dropped a new fake internet site, promulgating the shows own mythology. Finally on to ANTM. Fo has shut up about her hair, which is nice, because she's kind of awesome & freckly when she shuts up about her stupid hair cut. Scar girl deserved to go, & it was obviously the right thing for her, too; she peaked at episode one, & her actual real-life self confidence was plummeting. I don't feel bad her confidence got banged up, either, if you come on a show about how you look, people are going to talk about how you look. Wait, she didn' go?! She should have. The one girl-- the "old" one (I'm 30 next month!)-- is fierce. She confused espirit de corps with actual agreement though-- I can't believe she stepped to the judges like that. DUMB. So yeah, the show has been smart-- getting rid of pretty girls who can't model. Sorry, pretty girls, you are pretty, the end. This season Tyra seems particularly awesome at her prana-bindu "don't look like this, look like this," which has been mesmerizing. Oh genius Tyra. & Creepy-Chan is still on! I don't think she has it in her to win it, but she's my favorite anyhow (duh). Somehow London has gotten un-annoying & turned into a contender? That is a hell of a makeover & as much as Sondra is a wretch, she has fierce new look too: for once I didn't think any of the makeovers were betrayals! Then I ate a ton of crackers & cheese! But didn't drink a ton of wine! & Then we all played MarioKart. It was pretty classic TV night fu, if you ask me. Then today at work I had a package of prizes from Erica!
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