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Zero Suit Mordicai.

Super Smash Bros Brawl by Nintendo.

I've beaten the "Subspace" storyline, & the classic battle mode, & some of the events, stadiums, & times minigames. I've shot coins to unlock new trophies (Japan, your minigames are so weird) & so I think I've played it enough to have an opinion. Part of the great genius of this game is its replayability-- it isn't like you can ever be finished with it. I played the N64 version pretty often-- I never had one, but dudes were obsessed that that game, right? This continues that tradition; it isn't like the old school fighting game scene. I had a lot of fun, there are a ton of dudes to play (I like Samus & Meta Knight) & in general plenty of nooks & cranies to explore. Oh, & they've branched out! More than just Nintendo character-- Metal Gear's Snake & Sonic the Hedgehog, too. My only complaint is that I'd like a tutorial level? I had to go to the internet to figure out how Final Smashes work, & it took me forever to figure out that 1+2 was the Smash attack. Oh, & translating the Latin song lyrics during the credits? Nice touch.
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