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I remember caribou.

Trying to refine a different sort of basic evening. I'm talking way mundane details-- in theory, cutting down our drinking. Though TV night tonight & Moon day's Quad binge speak against it! We've been doing good at actually watching programs; we used to fill up on appetizers, let the thirty minute shows eclipse the hour long shows, but we've been good at taking the plunge lately. Last night was a good example of one of these new evenings-- I came home before Jenny, snacked on some leftovers, played some Smash Bros, & went to the gym. Met up on the street with Jenny, we split a sandwich, & watched 30 Rock & Dollhouse, sober. The former made Jenny cackle when Don Draper rode off crookedly on his motorcycle. The latter is starting to get some legs under it; he actually slept with that girl, which, thanks for not dragging that out a season. I knew she was a cylon, though. Somehow the episode was so tightly wound that I thought it was over when it barely past the halfway point? Lots jammed in there; Joss Whedon is to television the opposite what Brian Michael Bendis is to comics (no disrespect!). The fight sequence was amazing? But seamlessly segued into the really graphic attempted rape/murder? Oh, yeah-- Dollhouse is definately about gender topics. I don't know if it will handle the subject well, but it is definately about rape, domestic violence, prostitution, human trafficing, all that. It is pretty messed up. I'm not sure if I like it, but I am interested in it. If they can, you know, burst out of the premise where all the characters are basically super villains in a not-funny way, & bring the Whedonesque humor, it could float-- see also, next week's drug episode apparantly? I don't know who the plant is-- I mean, all we know is it isn't the nerdy memory guy? I'd guess that the show will turn towards this dollhouse, led by Echo, versus the other dollhouses. Anyhow, then we went to bed & Jenny woke me up because I was having a nightmare; I think from Dollhouse! I was like, a little girl? & also the clone of the little girl. & I killed myself, one or the other. I tied my hands up & then strangled myself. Then shit was traumatic & triggering-- the rope wasn't so bad, because you can avoid rope, but how can you avoid your own hands? That choked yourself to death. Dual viewpoint dreams are great.
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