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Zion! Hear me!

They fed your boy poison! Sunday's read-through of ravenface's new play got a little debacle-- let me fight those poker players! Mostly I wanted to beat my chest-- gorilla! Gorilla! & was joking, but in retrospect I was probably an asshole. Hopefully everyone was an asshole! I want to be in good company. Royal Oak has been scrupulous about redeeming your 2-for-1 happy hour chits, & that can be a recipe for disaster. Still! The Lion Pinball Players gather again: the last ride of Wyatt Earp & his Immortals? I hope not, but there were over-cast skies. We read through only the first two acts, of which I appear in the second; there were a number of chuckles all around. More funny plays from one Simon Playwright? I'm astonished! Looking forward to kicking the whole thing in gear. Train ride home was me telling Maggie I think she should go to college? Drinking does weird things to people. Jenny came home then! I like her, I mostly want to tell all the rest of everyone to return to the formless nothing that my subconious demiurge has summoned them from & only have some of her. She's pleasant to me. She tolerates me! Somehow. Sorry, being in love is endlessly hilarious & mystifying to me.
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