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Random spots of consideration: DnD.

Some random thoughts on DnD 4e. Lets talk about DnD-- I had those weird stressful dreams, where nothing really happens but things are miserable; I broke my wedding ring & a bigwig from work told me I couldn't wear it in meetings? So lets talk about DnD & shake the sleep from my eyes. First off, the biggest problem seems to be just what I pegged it as: all the powers are fighting powers. I want the Utility powers to be of greater utility to me! That is the category I want to be flooded with weird effects. I think you'd need a full regime change as Wizards for that to happen, & a whole new edition, but I'm hoping 4.5e or 5e or Advanced 4e (!) have more options off the dry erase mat. Next thing: Rituals. Now, making it a feat is better than the old days, where spells were the sole provenance of just one class. The thing is, it still provides a choke point-- some characters have access to that part of the book, other characters do not. & it makes the Rituals feat easily the most powerful feat-- I could learn thousands of spells or be able to push a guy one square with my encounter power? Maybe everyone should be able to use rituals, with appropriate skill tests? Or maybe Rituals should replace something hefty, like one of your At Wills? Just thinking about it. The last thought I was having: criticals. When you roll a 20 on a non-elite, I think it should just drop. Done. Or at least it should drop to bloodied, or if bloodied, drop. I like Minions, & I think they work; it is cool & satisfying to drop them with one hit, but they do need to be dropped, because for their lifespan, they are credible threats. I'm a big fan of minions, & I think they are proof of concept that being able to drop non-elite or non-solo monsters would work, so. Oh, one parting shot: I wish they'd talk about tweaking magic items; bastard sword pact blades & stuff.
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