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World DnD Day.

World DnD Day? That is my kind of holiday! James ran, & there were a bunch of players who didn't come, but it ended up as a Kit Marlowe reunion-- James was the DM, I played my tiefling warlock Opera, Peter played his human wizard Kale & David played a dragonborn cleric named Kril. James says his campaign is the opposite of mine, since my game is full of imaginary politics; but for all that we sure got caught up in the labor struggle! Here is a clever way we thought to describe his campaign: what if Marie Antoinette had been rescued, but by Voltaire & Descarte? Today's game was mostly antics-- I'm hardly the biggest lunatic though! We snuck into a flying castle (with wings-- Modenkainan lives there) & when it came time to bluff of be diplomatic? Peter declared he was a Clock Inspector (we'd smuggled ourselves in with a shipment of custom made clocks that ran backwards) & I teleported out of the crate, came around the other side, & demanded to know how the inspection was going. It was going well up until Peter's character pushed someone off the side of the flying island! Don't worry though-- he also cast featherfall on her (!). It sort of set the tone; we merry band of lunatics going through the labor disputes between the castle & the orcs who pull the chains to beat the giant wings (temporally displaced, so the wings can beat fast enough). We sort of are clever, & sort of are absolutely the opposite of clever; we stumbled through things in a pretty chaotic fashion. It was David's first time playing in a decade! Holiday declared a success. Promotions all around.

Getting up in the morning was rough-- last night after the Battlestar Galactica finale, James bought whiskey & we got wrecked & watched The NeverEnding Story. Apparently we got through the whole film, but when we started it I said "we have to at least make it to the Southern Oracle" & that is all I remember. Today I've been been washed out & ruined; woke up at like, 1:45, didn't get my act together until a few minutes before everyone arrived for game.

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