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There must be someway out of here.

Snap judgment: it wisely went towards being emotionally fulfilling rather than trying to patch up plot holes. Plot holes are half the fun, especially when your fan base is given to flights of fancy. I freaked out a few times-- sometimes all it takes is as simple a shot as a centurion execution style shooting an old school cylon in the face. You know, I'll say I quite liked it. toughlad came over & I am a little drunk but yeah; I didn't see how they could close it up with a two hour finale but they sure did. I feel pretty okay with how things went actually; there were no betrayals & quite a few important call backs. The show ended on making the characters real, rather than making a point, or even a narrative loop. Crap-- I have to tell you, that is some legendary television. Battlestar Galactica is one of the TV greats now, up there with I Love Lucy. So say we all.

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