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The King is Dead. (29)

Eternals: Volume Two by Jack Kirby.

Lo! The King is dead!
His face carved in the Source Wall!
Yes, long live the King!

It struck me the other day: Kirby is the King, Lee is the Man. Those nicknames are probably apt, & describe their roles in comic history pretty well. This is the second volume of his Eternals stuff, which concludes the Kirby portion of the event. There is a robotic Hulk! The Eternals weren't originally part of the Marvel Universe, but like the Marvel Universe, Marvel Comics exists in it. I really don't know what I can say about this comic-- everything I might say everyone already knows. Jack Kirby is brilliant. His art is lavish, & dialogue is to bombastic what nukes are to regular bombs. The themes he expressed here are basically flower child psychedilia, but wrapped up in glowing cosmic circuits & strange helmets. There aren't a lot of race relations discussed in this one, which is shame, & there is only the hint of genderpolitik that comes to a head in Silver Star. I am failing Jack Kirby by taking it for granted just how grandiose his work is. Jack Kirby is interested in the junction of science, magic & divinity; funnily enough, I am to. Jack Kirby beat up an entire gang once. Not a joke. The reason super heroes fight on rooftops is because Jack Kirby had to fight a gang on his rooftop. This happened.
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