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My brain is melting today; Chernobyl means Wormwood! Just like that. Things have been going, that is something they mostly do so far; they keep going instead of clattering to a stop. Sometimes it is a bit herky jerky, though. Tuesday was the day of the Snake-chaser. Everyone at work had predictable things to say about how I did not wear green! But work is not actually scandalized by such things. Someone tried to pinch me, but I had armor on. Star Wormwood! A power phrase of mine lately. Then after the day closed I went & locked myself in a closet with some co-workers. We released the black owls from their chains of soberiety. I stayed out with these fine feathered friends until Jenny called, & then home I went to comedy shows & lots of custom pizza. Wednesday we tried to go see Neil deGrasse Tyson at the Secret Science Club but the place was packed & so we left. Sorry, science suckers! Whatever, my wife is the scientist now, she's a science master. I'm not even a bachelor anymore! We ended up at home watching the penultimate BSG, some HIMYM & drinking some wine. Then she turned off all the lights & I freaked out! Oh, I also had lunches-- Tom, David, maybe who can say, some famous assassins, Jack the Ripper, you know it. Jenny MLS goes to a conference today for the weekend; I'm going to fill her absence up with comic books, video games, & Dungeons & Dragons, & hopefully motivate myself to go to the stupid gym.

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