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I want everything I own to have a pistol grip.

I had to stop & think-- what the heck am I freaking out about? I'm stressing, I forget why, why am I melting down? Oh, right. I got some cream cheese on my shirt. I'm pretty sure I should not have some flare of drama about this, I should settle the heck down. I guess the thing is, Jenny & I did laundry last night. Nothing stings worse than having pristine, freshly cleaned clothes & spilling something on them. Especially on the outer layer that you expect to wear a few more times. Feh! We were proactive with the laundry, doing it before we got into the overflow zone, but you couldn't really tell, could you? We kept expecting some step to evidence the fact, some part to be easier but it really just wasn't! Took the same effort to wheel the thing there. A whole army of slot machines to feed quarters to. Piles to sort & put away. There was no reward for not procrastinating? That seems like utter crap! Other than that, I played some Smash Brothers Melee while waiting for Jenny to come home & then after the laundry was done Carla came over for a drink (I wasn't really present for that, mentally; I was in the post-laundromat coma) & we watched Fantasy Factory. I bought some champagne at the liquor store & convinced the guy behind the counter that I watched Get Smart, Taxi, & Fantasy Island when they originally aired. Thanks Nick at Nite, you helped me convince that clerk that I am a Highlander.

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