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First thing first-- based on the commercials hugging Batman: The Brave & the Bold (did you know that the easiest way to beat Owlman-the-evil-Batman is to get a robot Batman, a pirate Batman, a psychic Batman, a cowboy Batman, an ape Batman & a vampire Batman?) I watched an episode of The Clone Wars, & I think I liked it. It had Jedi acting mad crazy, & clone troopers being all cloney. I guess the gunslinger blasterslinger bad-guy they've been hyping in the ads kind of got to me, too. I'll give it a try, though I expect to be frustrated in my efforts to like it by Jar Jar & the ad hoc Anakin apprentice. In other news, our dinner plans were canceled, so I'm just playing some video games & chilling out with Jenny. I figured out what was going wrong with the Wii's internet connection, so I can have Wiimates now! So far only Lilly & Katja though. Also, I don't really understand how headphones work: the televisions built into the cardio machines at the gym are really faint; would a better pair of earbuds fix that?

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