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Lady in the Radiator song.

I've found that if you don't talk about your dreams, you forget them. Your literal, sleepytime dreams, I mean, not like, some kind of Seasame Street code for ambitions & dweomers. If you don't stumble out of bed to the computer & type them up, the seive away & you end up sounding much saner for it. Thanks to the change in my circadian rhythms, I've been remembering them when I wake up, but because Jenny has been waking up at the same time as me, I have been too busy soaping up in the shower to clickity-clack on the keyboard. There was a dream with Leigh in it-- we were hiding in a mutli-dimensional train? Different compartments & engines hidden on different planes of existence. I was trying to hide from the hunters, who will kill you while you sleep. Leigh would ruin my hiding spots, but she was very handy at climbing. When I told her about it in awakentimes, she said she had weirdly just been talking about multiple dimensions that morning to which I replied "omg it is like we have a weird psychic connection call the police!" Things like that have been going on. Otherwise, I've just been tired. Aches & stuff, for no particular reason. Yesterday Jenny & I went to go get bubble tea & Vietnamese sandwiches. The "classic" is better than the "pork" at this place, for future me to remember. I send you a message! Remember!, as Spock told Bones. Then we watched some television-- I find myself finding College Humor funny despite myself. That guy-- that total piece of crap magician-- his story's denoument was like, killing me. The epitome of comedy. I ended up going to bed right away, at an unholy hour. Oh! Yesterday Mormons came to the door & I was distressed-- I'm barely even a sinner! Except in my heart, Jenny kept assuring me. I sure do sin in my heart.
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