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Odin, hung.

I am formulating my plans for the beef industry. Based, actually, on several things-- cowboys, the Maasai & the American megafaunal extinction mostly. The Maasai, left to be nomadic cattle herders (yeah, I'm looking at post-Colonialsm, baby-- fun fact; the distinctive Maasai sarong were Scottish tartans brought by missionaries) develop into a pattern with elephants of all things; the cattle graze down the grasses, which let brush take over, & then the elephants come & clear the brush, which lets grasses grow in...this isn't teneble in Africa any more, since property ownership & ownership have exiled elephants to preserves. America though...we even had our President busy clearing mesquite! I'm saying yes: elephants need to be introduced to North America. Hey man, we would've had them, if it wasn't for all the aboriginal over-hunting! So, I'm supporting the reintroduction of elephants & cowboys to the American ecosystem. Sorry South American slash-&-burn!

Why do American's support the obviously flawed, failed policies of "conservative economics"? Is it because they follow party lines-- tribalism? Is it because of the ingrained rhetoric against communism-- nationalism? Or, what I think is more likely, is it because American's have been tricked into thinking that the economy works based on merit? & that they are secretly upper class? It kind of makes me crazy. Both of those things. Why are the middle class, the bourgoise, fighting against socialism when they stand to gain the most from it? It is just weird how rich people get their hooks into things. I can't quite understand it. Is it because a simple gloss of rhetoric seems to make sense? Economics is too hard, but ideological economics is easy? Pretending that laisse faire capitalism nurtures the best product? I hate to be sliding so much towards what people might call liberal, since I certainly reject false political dichotomy, but really man? The only thing being espoused by "Republicans" that isn't religious propaganda is gun ownership. On the Daily Show, John Stewart was making fun of CPAC, which was generally funny, but he made fun of the NRA guy for saying "the ones with the guns make the rules." Um, sorry, but yeah. Then John Stewart acted like our Founding Fathers would have been apalled to hear that. Sorry, John. I don't know what to tell you. The American Revolution wasn't won by hugs & debate. Well, frankly it was won through insurgency, guerilla tactics, & terrorism, but I'm sure no one wants to admit to that anymore. Anyhow-- guns. It frustrates me that somehow being a liberal & fighting for civil rights means some civil rights.

Last night was really nice. I've been kind of tired & frustrated all week, & I haven't been to the gym based on that, with a dash of getting drunk every night & a pinch of having a blister. Last night we went sober & talked about cutting down on the drinking-- which we have been, but we hadn't said it outloud yet. Anyhow, we ended up watching some television, as is our wont. We started with Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory, while Jenny cooked up some baked ziti & chicken parmesean. The show definately lacks without Big Black, & Rob sort of desperately needs a foil, but at the same time he's funny & deeply sincere in his lunacy. Rob Dyrdek isn't trying to put a zipline in his warehouse to be ironic-- he really wants a zipline. That couples with the fact that he's sort of good at everything. Really good. Being talented always wins credit with me. Then it was time for the Solitary 3.0 finale! I was happy enough with the final three, & I think the final two were one of the best case scenarios; the winner was sort of assured though. I was waiting to be surprised, but I think the math on who would win was pretty clear. Still-- that show, man. Sad to see that there won't be a reunion show; maybe there will be one On Demand or something. I wonder if some of those people come out of there super messed up over Val. I might have a life-long crush on her in their place. Then some Jon & Kate Plus Eight, & I was going to crash after that, but Jenny curled up on me & we watched a two hour marathon of 40 Greatest Pranks II instead. Oh prank shows, I have such a weakness for you. Your Punk'ds, your Room 401s, your Scare Tactics. By that point Jenny & I were getting punchy; there was lots of cracking up at the television, which led to us cracking up each other, which led to us cracking up ourselves.
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