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Making chuckle-time with toughlad! I watched the Doctor Strange movie-- it was weirdly all origin story? It never gave up on that. There were a few moments where Doc was a huge prick, as he ought to be, & a few where he was totally awesome. I am sort currently immersed in the 90s viewpoint, where I only want superheroes to be deeply alienated-- the 00s are all about how maybe they are aliens but aren't alienated (All-Star Superman is the most important comic of this decade). After that I watched some Big O. So I've started recording that show. It is...pretty fantastic? I like that being canceled by Japanese tv & then picked up by American tv is the right prescription for me. Fighting robots? Weird memory issues? Cute robot girls? Bring it on! Jenny is out having some dinner with Carla tonight, which is why I'm all internal. I'd have gone to the gym...but I have this blister...go ahead & laugh! Blisters suck! I am on the team of masculinity that says complaining about a broken face makes you a wimp, but complaining about a paper cut or the flu is perfectly legal. Oh-- for the record, as much as I am into gender as a continuum, I still acknowledge the clumping, & how I'm pretty darn alpha male on it. I guess if I wasn't in Metropolis I might feel different? Sometimes people say things like-- so what if Jenny uses the power tools better than me? She is better at them. So yeah...I guess I'm probably super biased. Awesome! Where was my point? Oh, I didn't have one, I was just saying I'm a "dude."

Neither here nor there, but I've been feeling more Metropolis than Gotham lately. Maybe it is me leaving Brooklyn for Manhattan-- I mean, I'm sure that is it. From my window I can see the Empire State Building with its zepplin berths & I can see the Chrysler Building (how many times did you want to write Christler Building? Where they hung him!) so I guess that'll do it. Also, I'm a little more Lois & Clark & a lot less Dead Waynes, you know? Although heads up, Dead Waynes, how hot is that band? Work is great; I totally miss having J6 around, but I cope. I read a bunch of webcomics-- they break up doing computer work pretty well. Anyhow-- isn't it funny how like, being alive is an option? Aaron used to say that he thought it was super weird that I'd wander around the apartment clasping my hands & saying "one foot in front of the other..." as my survival mantra. I don't want to entirely put the blame on Jenny, but yeah-- getting your shit together, whether for yourself, or for an us, isn't a bad situation. & I hate to be the guy coping to having love be a good motivating force, but I do struggle to be honest. I mean-- how easy would it be to lie a lot? Trust me-- real easy.

Oh man! Thank you iTunes & vodka; I want to get back to my original point, which is that Southland Tales is a totally sweet movie. Really-- people will talk shit about it! They'll talk shit about it & then they'll pop a boner (possibly a clitoral boner, see above, & for further reference see woman/wereman) for Lynch. Dude, Lynch's best was Twin Peaks right? Basically madness diluted with soap opera. Southland Tales is...well, it boils down to the same thing. I mean, the frame story is crazier, but the subconscious intrusion is a little less intense than Lynch. Seriously-- I guess watching The Rock on SNL put it in my mind too-- but what a great movie. I feel like it is Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Twin Peaks, you know? So how could it not be my favorite? & when I say favorite, I mean-- it ain't no 2001. Okay, I'm just trying to stay engaged. Oh, I put Fugazi on this playlist? Weird! PS, shit, Jenny Lewis exists, how am I supposed to handle that?

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