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Kimota! (26)

Miracleman: the Golden Age by Neil Gaiman & Mark Buckingham
(note: cover featured here is to Kimota! The Miracleman Companion).

Up, Up & away!
My Fortress of Solitude
is your Olympus.

Once you get into comics, once you tuck in the Vertigo classics like Watchmen, & Sandman, & Swamp Thing, you start to hear rumors. Rumors about Marvelman or Miracleman, some legendary property handed down from Alan Moore to Neil Gaiman like an heirloom. You'll never read it-- the rights are tied up in some collosal grudge-cluster-fuck, but rest assured, Miracleman was amazing. Very hush-hush stuff; some guy remembers reading it in the 90s but lost it with the rest of his comics, so there is no proof. No evidence. Well, I got a copy of the Gaiman collection for last year's Holiday X, & read it today, & I'm pleased to report that it lived up to the hype. To summarize: what if Superman just decided yes. Yes, I am going to be God. The story is set in the utopian world after Miracleman threw down his enemies & eliminated the world's ills-- mostly. The opening sequence is a series of people getting ready to climb the steps of Miracleman's Olympus, where they will pray to him-- ask him to grant their wishes. You can see a lot of Gaiman's approach to divinity here-- most of the stories are devoid of the actual presence of Miracleman, though of course he is over-riding everything, must like Dream of the Endless. There is a story in which the mad scientist of Miracleman's mythos-- his Lex Luthor-- is brought back from the dead, kept company by one of the many clones of Andy Warhol. There is a child's story told about Miracleman's daughter-- a super compelling story of she makes a playpen of the cosmos & physics, told in the style of Goodnight, Moon. The crux returns to mortals meeting the divine-- the man who slept with Supergirl, the woman who mothered a Divine Child only to be left by her. I've got to say-- very compelling, & with a satisfying close.
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