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Oubliette session twenty-four: Well, twenty-three & a half, really.

Yesterday's game was cut short. Sam was feeling under the weather, Tracey was stressed, so rather than try to unhappily have a game, I canceled it, even though we were all already together. It wasn't happening, & I've seen too many character's get killed because their player wasn't up to snuff (& kingtycoon's character Malphas just died-- an omen!) So we sat around & ate some of the casserole Tracey made, & sort of filled in some nooks & crannies. I talked with Sam about power-trees for Damocles now that the undying fire of the infernal dragon smolders in his breast. James & I revamped his Alien Hand Syndrome mechanics in a way that I think works beter. Tracey bought some dots in Resources & Allies to reflect her character's successful forays into the world of courtesean management-- & her character Lorelai also quizzed them about the party's foe, Adelard. The players questioned their Aristocrat friend, Lupus, about the mechanisms of the duel they intend to demand, & Damocles & Balthazar swore a blood oath of brotherhood. After that, I went home & grabbed pizza with Jenny & Kira at a cheery little brick oven place.

(fashions all from the designer Antiseptic)
Tags: campaign2, oubliette

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