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Pigs in Space? I say no.

Friday night was nothing doing. I couldn't keep it together enough to fake being home, even. I just locked myself in the bedroom & read. Jenny has this project organizing her thread & stuff, which cramps my attention/affection axis on the casual spectrum. I was exhausted & kept planning on crashing, but I got caught up in Sunless Countries. Next up was Saturn's day (eat a baby! Why not eat ten!) which I handled a little bit better. The weather is ridiculous; really warm, & frankly I want my winter back. Still, best take advantage of it. I grabbed breakfast & beat some more of the bonus levels on Lego Star Wars (I'm at 93.9% complete), then I went over to the gym. Did a hell of a work-out, & good for me. Came home & then met up with ravenface. We got coffee & walked around the park. To the band stand, the boathouse, the gazebo, the genius park. Then I got us lost walking back; Prospect Park is great for being well designed enough that you can get lost in it. Home, we parted ways, & Jenny & I settled in for some geek television.

We caught up on Battlestar Galactica. For the record, I agree with Analee at io9 much more than I do with Juliet at Slate. I do think that you can call yourself feminist if you have an equal number of nuanced female characters. Boom. & you know me, I don't condemn objectification, especially equal opportunity objectification (take your shirt off, Helo!) & I think that saying that bad things happening to female characters is chauvinism? Is crazy. Especially when those bad things are treated as horrifying. & happen to male characters too. Yes, the ovary theft is a rape metaphor, but you know what? It is fully treated as such. I'm not a BSG apologist either; I think the real thing they should be condemned for are their treatment of queer characters. Galactica is clearly trying to address feminist topics & I can't think of any show on television that rivals it in that regard. Anyhow, next up in the "there are some serious feminist issues science fiction is trying to address with varying degrees of clumsiness" was Dollhouse. I haven't made up my mind about the show. I'm still extending credit, seeing how it plays out. At the very least it is entertaining. Then finally the heavy nerd drama was over, & we cleaned up the night with Best Week Ever & a little bit of SNL. "The Rock Obama?" Awesome. Thanks vodka, cranberry, acacia, & orange juice!
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