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So far, so slow. Last night I was pretty wiped out-- not doing anything all day can really tucker a warlock like myself out. I mean, I do nothing on all kinds of levels. Nihilism wins! when I got home, I was shanghai'd; I went grocery shopping & was doing the dishes so Jenny could cook when she made plans to have Carla over for dinner. I was a little pissed-- I am standing right here? You could ask my feedback before you invite people over into my cave? & yeah, I was pretty exhausted; I just about fell asleep on the bed, on the couch, standing up. Jenny kept saying I looked sad-- no, I looked beat! I wasn't really that put out though. Dinner was served-- lamb chops & bok choy & polenta-- & Carla brough a fancy bottle of wine, crawling with sediment. Seriously! It was really good but had so much lees in it. Then we played some Guitar Hero & went to bed. Now that Carla's back in the swing of things & isn't at my apartment at two in the morning every night, it is much nicer to see her!

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