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Better than those shard-dudes from Rolemaster...(23)

Monsters & Animals by Palladium Books.

The Proud peacock horse?
& in the Wastelands: gargoyles.
Plus, the stats for cats.

Helping my co-worker move was totally worth it, not the least because I found some perfectly good Palladium Fantasy books in the recyling heap of his building. I know martak loves it, & that kromelizard is a big fan of the Baalgor Wastelands. This book, first off, hilariously claims to be compatible with all game systems. Which I guess is code for "You could basically make a basic Dungeons & Dragons party fight these." Which is sort of true, but really I just like it for having crazy monsters. Ridiculous black & white drawins of fancy horses with peacock feathers who are apparantly super clutzy & dumb but really vain. Really, that is the monster encounter. What!? On one hand, I am glad for the ascent of plausibility in gaming, but on the other, I sure miss off the wall lunacy.
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