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Wanna be on top!

So I've never had a real girlfriend, besides Jenny. This was brought up because a young lady of my acquaintance objected to my use of the term Ex. Now, alright, this is fair. There certainly were no declarations of couplehood, no "the talk," none of that. Are you kidding? My romantic pscyhe was a mess when I was a wee sprat. So on a technical note, I'm totally in agreement-- she was never my "girlfriend," so she can't have been my ex-girlfriend for sure. On counterpoint, I did like her a lot. We did the whole "oh, Mordicai you are such a bad boy</strike> sociopath, I must leave you!" "oh, grr, arg, I am a monster!" dance, instead. We did it for years though. When Jenny & I were long distance, on-again-off-again, we might as well have been off-again-on-again. I guess my point is, for short-hand, I've said Ex. I guess that short-hand isn't accurate? I've ran it by a couple of people (literally a couple, & one is Jenny). One said it wasn't appropriate, but Jenny agrees with me. Natch. I mean-- I'm not trying to over-state the case of our relationship, rather just trying to put a wide-button on it. If I started judging my relationships by their labels instead of their contents I'd be fucked! I'm all about nebulous messes. Except you know, being legally married. Anyhow, that was something that was on my mind this week. I'm no peanut-butter & jelly with the crusts cut off, you know! So. No exes, not really. Part of my adaptive camouflage is using regular person terms; that way I seem like a weirdo instead of a stark raving psychopath.

More importantly, television night! Well, the skeleton of one. All contenders tapped out except for the excellent Lilly. Winner by a mile! & what's her prize, Chuck Woolery? Why, a brand new season of America's Next Top Model! But first, How I Met Your Mother, which when over I asked Lilly "Are you going to cry?" & she said "No, this show is just written by angels!" It was a good episode though, right? We kept waffling on whether Barney's wife was hot or not. Then we took a break to play some MarioKart. I am not that terrible at it; I ended up with third place. Then to Top Model! Basically creepy-chan is the favorite, you know? She's so internet, it is great. She says her emotions when she has them! I heart her. Also, the girl with the fro is pretty amazing looking. This season's villain is just a total horrorshow; I'd rather see her go than enjoy hating her, to be frank. I thought the epileptic girl had some distance to go yet, but I am super glad to see them weed out the boring white girls. Then Jenny went to bed & Lilly & I played more MarioKart; I was much worse this time. Oh, & Lego Star Wars multi-player sucks?

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